Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trail on Monday, I hate my life.

After many postponements, the trial will finally happen this Monday.

I am not taking any psychotropic meds. Except for being severely stressed out, I am almost normal. I am so fortunately to have people around me who believe me and this will become part of the trial.

Unfortunately, something else is coming down the pike that I thought I would be cleared of. Unfortunately, our justice system is an injustice to us. I haven't been arrested on this. My lawyer is appearing for me on Monday at one court while I attend at another.

The thing is, I didn't do this. But the investigation was probably negligible. I even told the detective what to look for and he didn't do it.

I've been falsely accused of a hit and run. I worry about writing all the details. But I didn't do this. I was falsely imprisoned against my will. I was falsely accused of trying to hit a man. I was given a parking ticket and then I asked if I could leave. I was very disturbed about the way that they treated me when this occurred and I called 10 minutes after I left to report the event to the concierge desk. Somehow in the course of the next few days, the men who detained me invented a wild story and in this version I hit him at a high speed. News to me. I really wouldn't do that. When I called, I left my phone number at their workplace. No one said anything about an injury. They waited 7 days to contact the police. Does anyone else think these people got in trouble at work and then lied to cover it up??

The problem is that I now have a record. I hate my life. This is really serious. I'm scared that something bad will happen, even though they have my complaint on file at the place where this happened. I can only hope that there is video somewhere that hasn't been destroyed. This happened nearly 1 year ago.

I had just started to feel happy and like I could go on with my life again. I thought for sure that they would find the videotape and the complaint I made to drop this. They just didn't. They didn't believe me.

The cruelest twist of fate that ever occurred in my life was the head injury I had a few years ago. It placed me on medication that did awful things to me. And everything else that has followed as I reacted to it worse and worse has been a nightmare.

I wish I could be someone else. I hate my life.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to you? I just found your blog and read with great interest. I hope you're OK.