Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cured of Compulsive Shopping, Spending Sprees,

When I was on Lexapro, I used to feel a deep spiritual connection to Tory Burch... Rodeo Drive and Robertson were my special places. I still know all the best places to park, eat and shop. Sometimes 5 large bags from a department store had to wait until people were asleep so I could sneak them up to my room without being detected. My cousin asked me one day, "Don't you want to save your money?" I took a friend shopping once and she was fairly convinced that I was out of control and not shopping normally.

She was right.

My wardrobe used to fill a small closet in a small NYC apartment. My collection exploded to the point that the rod in the closet is bent from the weight and I seriously doubt another thing could fit. It started with being video taped for a class. My humble wardrobe needed help. The Lexapro kicked in and a trickle became a torrent. My clothes now spill out of a closet 4 times the size of that one.

$1200 on SK-II was NOTHING to me. Only the BEST would do and it was far better than the $320 I spent on La Mer. Lexapro gave me acne.

I bought $350 on French lingerie. I've only worn one of the items I bought.

An $80 D&G T-shirt found its way into my collection. I almost bought a lambswool jacket for $2500 even though I'm allergic.

I went to Just Cavalli and bought two dresses that don't even fit me. I HAD TO HAVE that feather print dress.

Salvatore Ferragamo shoes for $350... At 40% off I HAD TO HAVE THEM!

The $150 Burberry scarf that was JUST PERFECT.

And $6,000+ in jewelry that I had to have because it was on sale, perfect for me or the store was closing.

Any designer by the name Max was a personal friend...BCBG Max Azria, Studio M... At Max Studio I bought two dresses for $150 each at different times. Only one of them fits me.

I bought a $1200 Ferragamo dress that practically CALLED MY NAME for $250 or so and it DOESN'T EVEN FIT!!!!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs, another favorite, has designed items that I haven't even worn because they don't fit. I was convinced I could lose the weight to get into them. I really NEEDED the navy heart print dress. I mean, I couldn't LIVE without it. I think I spent $700 or so, but I'm not sure.

And the Ferragamo bag was AT SUCH A DISCOUNT that a normal person wouldn't say no. I mean a $1400 bag for $500? Who would walk away from that?


At one point, a $500 shopping spree at a second run store was to be my reward for weight loss. But blowing that became the norm; I couldn't stop myself. I returned LOADS of things that I bought legitimately and then would turn around and take them back to the store.

Of course those returns led to MORE PURCHASES...