Thursday, April 30, 2009

A New Era

Yes, it's true, after my recent episode involving police abuse, that was enough to shake me out of it. Stealing a dress never made anyone feel any better. Of course it's easily arguable that if stopped, you didn't actually steal anything. It's also true that attempted theft combined with humiliation and excessive force at the hands of the police REALLY never made anyone feel any better.

Because of my strong fear of abuse by those in authority, not being able to get copies of surveillance tapes, etc, I have purchased a spy camera.

There was a time when a camera in a pen, watch or MP3 player sized device was pure fiction. Those days are now here.

This is not so much about you being guilty or innocent. You are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This is about people who may violate your civil rights.

According to civil codes, people can be recording in a public place where there is no expectation of privacy. That means you can record people at a store, on the steps of the courthouse, and anywhere else that is PUBLIC.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 Commandments on a Penny

My doctor gave me the 10 Commandments on a penny.
She was giving them out to everyone with a big smile.
I think they should be able to post it at every school.

I rubbed it in my pocket all day thinking:

Thou shalt not steal.
Thou shalt not steal.
Thou shalt not steal.
Thou shalt not steal.

Next Steps

The agency I hired wants me to do some investigative work for them. They want me to wear a wire tap when I go back there and see if I am approached and harassed by the department store staff. Did you know that they can't harass you for stuff like that?

He said he will be writing to the department store corporate office on my behalf saying that they unreasonably detained me and treated me badly. He said that will pressure them to drop the charges. If they are exposed for their abuses, it will be way worse for them financially.

Everything was captured on video that night. Copies of video can be subpoenaed to show that the arresting officer used excessive force.

As always, I'll let you know what happens.

Lastly, don't steal anything and I won't either. Not even a stick of gum!!!

Lovely Thoughts

I am trying to find an attorney and file a complaint against the police. I don't know how seriously anyone will take it when I complain, but there has to be video of this officer roughing me up. Sure, maybe she got into the heat of the moment and stopped seeing the reality that there was no way I was going to hurt anyone and was under no obligation to say anything to anyone. Screw them. They should have to be accountable for what they did. I mean, even a big time sheriff in Orange County, CA is going to go to jail for jury tampering. And I pass on this gem to you.

Police brutality. Because we can. (At least for awhile, but then it can catch up to you.)

Swine Flu

I have gotten really sick since my episode with the police--I mean the pigs. And you know pigs have SWINE FLU!!

Seriously, be careful. Wash your hands and stay away from the police. They don't have your best interests in mind.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Many Happy Returns!!

When it was Eeyore's birthday in one of the Winnie the Pooh books, someone wished him, "Many happy returns of the day."

Did Eeyore ever have a happy return like mine?

I bought a piece of jewelry at a department store that was closing. It was marked final sale on the receipt and on the sticker. I cut off the part of the sticker that said No Returns, Final Sale in red and returned it without the receipt. I was just hoping to get back what I spent on it because I regretted spending so much. They were apologetic when they said that it gives the best price from the past few months when it finds it in the system. I said that it was about what I had paid for it.

That price was nearly $400 more than what I paid for it!!!! Sweet!!

I about choked. I certainly wasn't going to tell. Thank you, thank you very much. If only I had bought a few more things!!

PS I also returned a purse that I bought on the store credit card that was marked final sale. I don't regret it one bit. It broke. I don't think I should have to keep it under those circumstances. I told them to send it back to the vendor.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Arrested for Shoplifting? 10 things to remember

  1. If you are being detained, you have been arrested. Arrest really just means that you have been stopped. They are allowed to do this.
  2. Don't say anything. You may be guilty as sin, but you have a Constitutional right. The 5th Amendment protects you from self-incrimination.
  3. Don't believe anything they say. A department store will tell you that they will "let you go" if you cooperate. They are trying to get a confession out of you or collect evidence so that they can turn you over to the police.
  4. Don't let the store take a picture. They don't have the right. They will tell you they "need" to. They don't. Turn your head, look down. It makes them angry, but so what?
  5. Don't let them look through your stuff. They will say things like, "I'm going to look through your purse to get your ID, OK?" Tell them no. It makes them angry, but so what? They will tell you that they will turn you over to the police because you didn't cooperate. So what? They were going to do that anyway. When the police come, they CAN look through your stuff without your consent if there is probable cause that you committed a crime. I'm looking into the matter of whether or not the police had the right to get my ID from my purse or search through my purse when I was only being accused of taking 1 item.
  6. Don't say anything. The police will try to get you to tell them what happened even after they read you your Miranda rights. Repeat this mantra, "I have the right to remain silent." They will ask again. Repeat, "I have the right to remain silent." They will tell you you are rude, have a bad attitude and demand to know why you aren't cooperating. They will ask you about the weather and try again to get a confession. Repeat this mantra, "I have the right to remain silent. I have the right to have an attorney."
  7. Remember everything they do. You have other rights like protection from cruel and unusual punishment. Did they use uneccessary force? Did you advise them that you have a legitimate injury? Did they ignore what you said? Did they do anything cruel and unusual? ie did you tell them you had to go to the bathroom for 90 minutes without being allowed to go? They will tell you that they will let you use the bathroom if you cooperate. Don't tell them anything. Report things they do wrong to agencies like the ACLU or register a complaint of police misconduct to If the shopkeeper does anything wrong, they may have to drop their charges. They may be found to be even more guilty than you an criminally or at lest civilly liable. You may be able to collect damages--money--for what they did wrong.
  8. Yes, you're in trouble. Yes, you might be guilty as sin. So what? You still have rights.
  9. Depending on your history and the charges a public defender may be just as good as a lawyer you pay for.
  10. Lastly. Stop stealing you fucking idiot!

I Quit

I can no longer steal. I have lost the touch. I got caught a second time. Why am I doing this to myself? The thing is, it was an ugly dress that didn't even fit me right. I was going to leave it in the dressing room. I didn't. I should have.

I came down quite harshly on those who have been caught multiple times tuning around and teaching their kids how to steal. Now clearly, I should quit.

I met a guy who I think should quit. He had 5 felony counts of commercial burglary, etc and just got out of jail for running a shoplifting ring that supplied purses to wealthy women who want the latest and are willing to pay. He wants a decent job, but can't get one because he's a convicted felon.

I don't want to end up in the same boat.